The Flowers Tolong Bu Dokter

The Flowers-Tolong Bu Dokter

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Name:The Flowers-Tolong Bu Dokter
Date:10 June 2011
Dis Like:16
Type:Youtube to Mp3
User:D Athaya Arianto

The flowers band. . . . . approximately 14 years disappear from civilization music indonesia. when potlot still full of musicians rather than slankers, boris and njet precede flowers at the time boris ever be guitarist untup oppie temporary njet be backing vocal slank, pay and bonky interested to make project duet they, project that is unfinished until bongky indra and pay out from slank and decide to devolve project be band format. name flowers being chosen because they grazy about flower generations. want to wear name "bunga", but obvious in advance worn.

up to out "17 year to on (1996)" with formation boris guitar, njet vocal, bongky bass, andy pious sultan alias cole guitar, and andrey fahreza alias chilling drum. year '98, boris go lecture to berklee college of music, take direction performance. one year after boris lecture, cole pass away (people say over dose). this band is then vacuum because band member bustle bongky(bip), chilink(bunglon), boris session player oppie, nugie and iwa k.

now "still alive well" ready is sliding down with vocalist new formation zaid barmansyah alias njet, guitarist boris p simanjuntak alias boris, bassis leonardo maiti alias leo, saxophone eugen bounty alias eugen, and drummer dado darmawan alias dado. official formation formed in 11 aprils 2008 adds saxophone player in the place of duet guitar flowers.(by tomy Ares)

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