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Navicula - Mafia Hukum

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Name:Navicula - Mafia Hukum
Date:05 March 2013
Dis Like:194
Type:Youtube to Mp3
User:Navicula Music

(English lyrics below) A track from Frekuensi Perangkap Tikus (Mousetrap Frequency), music compilation for a corruption-free Indonesia. First initiated by one of the very few die-hard, uncompromising, anti-graft groups, Indonesia Corruption Watch.

The compilation can be downloaded at
twitter: @naviculamusic

Mafia Hukum LYRICS
Law Mafia (english translation)

Law Mafia
Should be brought to Justice
the Law should not differentiate

Corruption, corruption
This word comes up again
It continues to haunt
This frustrated country

Corruption, corruption
It gets worse day by day
You can get away with anything
As long as you can pay

Those caught making love
are imprisoned for years
those corrupting millions
are still ruling the nation

Impartial principle
No longer exists
Anyone with money
Will not get locked up

Law Mafia
Should be brought to Justice
the Law should not differentiate

If you try to fight them
Do so with care
Because they are
Protected by crocodiles

Crocodiles, crocodiles
The mafia's pets
Mafia, mafia
Are made up of businessmen
Businessmen, businesswomen,
In cahoots with the government

Even when their rich,
It's still not enough
The law is modified
Just to suit the rich
The victims are
The common people

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