Kun Anta Humood Alkhudher Gamelan

Kun Anta - Humood AlKhudher (GAMELAN cover)

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Name:Kun Anta - Humood AlKhudher (GAMELAN cover)
Date:29 November 2015
Dis Like:1.6K
Type:Youtube to Mp3

Mp3 Download :
Spotify : http://goo.gl/s3im43
Itunes : http://goo.gl/4ZEmza
Amazon : http://goo.gl/5u4FIi
Soundcloud : http://goo.gl/8S0psz
Reverbnation : http://goo.gl/3rIjMQ

The Beautiful song from Humood AlKhudher with Javanese Gamelan Cover, Original from East java Indonesia, the only one in the world

This channel is the paradise of my imagination . where I was free off work with what I have and love . I happen to really love the beautiful sound of gamelan.

There are many kinds of gamelan styles, there is a Javanese gamelan, Balinese gamelan, Banyuwangi, Madurese, Sundanese, etc. but in this Channel I am more likely to Java, because I own Javanese and wanted to show the beauty of the music. By covering western songs or famous song in the world, as my sniper stance to introduce this traditional music to the world, of course with the motto of creative and inovativ that I always hold.

Insya Allah I will consistently work , entertain all of you who #MAYBE pretty bored with your life hehe :D .. I hope you all entertained , and thanks for visiting :)

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