Kiki Anggun Wujute Roso

Kiki Anggun - Wujute Roso - [Official Video]

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Name:Kiki Anggun - Wujute Roso - [Official Video]
Date:02 March 2016
Dis Like:53
Type:Youtube to Mp3
User:Samudra Record

Official Music Video Kiki Anggun Wujute Roso

Title: Wujute Roso
Artist: Kiki Anggun
Album The Best Kiki Anggun:

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Samudra Record Official Music Wujute Roso
Samudra Record Channel Musik Indonesia
Lagu Banyuwangi Terbaru 2013 2014
Musik Keroncong Banyuwangi Wujute Roso
Lagu Keroncong Banyuwangi Wujute Roso

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Produced by Samudra Record
Published by PT. Samudra Jaya Buana Pakca

Copyright © 2013 Samudra Record. All rights reserved.

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